Monday, November 10, 2014


Do you have regret?

 I do.  I am in possession of the regrets. :)

I wish I had listened to my dad (you hear me, dad?! you were RIGHT!) all those many years ago when he recommended I pursue medical school instead of vet school.  At that time, I had no interest in working with humans.  I loved animals and wanted to be a vet!  Well, I thought I loved animals…  After getting a degree in Animal Science and working in the vet world for a few years, I realized I don't actually love animals.  I love cats.  Only cats.  And in case you've never taken a cat to the vet, it is AWFUL.  No bueno. 

Ironically, now I'm a nurse working with hoomans.   I've pondered several times going back to school to pursue a medical degree.  Each time I consider it I determine that maybe if I was in a different stage of life, I would possibly go for it.  But at this stage of the game, with young kids, I don't want to start pursuing something so all life-consuming for so.many.years.  And after all the years and years of MCAT'ing and applying and getting accepted and going through intensive schooling, residences and fellowships, the job itself is intensive as well.  Not too many 9-5 doctor jobs available for new doctors.

So that is what I regret.  Not chasing after medical school as an 18 year old.

What do you regret?

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Jen F. said...

Don't give up ... There is time. And you should be a nursing professor, teaching others your educational approach to nursing. You're a great caregiver, but even better teacher!