Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reese Is THREE

Today we celebrated Reese's third birthday.

She started the day helping me make breakfast.  Her helpful helpyness included opening the silverware drawer, handling/licking silverware, and returning them to the drawer.  Ew. Ew. Ew.

Later she played outside with James and Memaw and Pawpaw and Daddy.

The fierce is strong in this one.

There was cake and candles.


There were presents, which she loved. That's her new "puppy" that comes with a carrier/purse and a comb.  She then observed birthday nap time.  It is tiring getting older.

During nap time, James played with some of her presents too.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Due Date

This day three years ago was my due date with Reese.  My first pregnancy, my child was born on her due date.  My second pregnancy, my child was born on his due date.  As unreasonable as it was, I fully expected my third child to be born on her due date.

Reese wasn't up for that.

November 4th came and went, no baby. On November 5th I cried.  I did NOT appreciate still being pregnant.  I went to a work meeting that I wasn't supposed to be able to go to. (Rex people, think Women's and Children's quarterly meeting.)  Susan, the director, asked when I was due.  I said "Yesterday," sulking. 

Read about her delivery--

Reese finally arrived on November 8th.  And there was much rejoicing!

Now, on the brink of her 3rd birthday, Reese is a joy to be around.  
I feel like this picture captures her personality so well.  And that shirt DEFINITELY describes her.  She's smiling way more than she isn't.  She talks to anyone and everyone who will listen.  Wait...not true.  She'll talk to anyone, whether they are listening or not.  She likes music and singing.  You should hear her sing "Jesus nuffs me" or "You are my shunshine."

This girl loves her some jewelry, especially "becklaces." 
She's lady-like at all times...
One of her favorite activities is coloring.  She holds crayons really well, with either hand.
She is a strong, independent, at times completely exasperating, little girl.  But we're so glad she's ours!

Happy Almost Birthday, Reeseypiece!