Wednesday, December 14, 2016

An Induction Production

Good morning!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, BA's social media correspondant and hype man, Brooke. We're at the hospital and waiting on the newest young'un to arrive. I'll be updating throughout the day, mostly as instructed but taking liberty to infuse my own brand of humor and style. That's whatcha get when you hand over your password!

Without further ado, BA's first update:

0815: IV started on 4th attempt (a mere glimpse of the pain that's to come). Waiting on the doc to get pitosin ordered so we can get this party started.

It should be known that for the past week, I've been telling BA that if this child requires being induced, he shall be named Aden Michelle, after my ornery dog. Henceforth, I may alternately refer to him as such.

For those that want numbers:
4cm 70% and -3... whatever that means.
Also, the water has broken! 💦



0824 : Scott has found a game called Goat Simulator in the App Store, so (1) he will be entertained all day and (2) the iPhone is TOTALLY worth it.

0839: I've learned that pitosin makes the uterus contract, that Aden Michelle might not like it (so maybe pray he starts to enjoy this process so he doesn't come out all mad and stuff), and that being present for someone else's delivery is helpful in reinforcing that I do not see pregnancy in my future. Ever. Sorry mom.

0845: Goal: baby delivery before lunch. We don't like to skip meals around here. That Bojangles isn't gonna last forever.

0852: The anesthesiologist came by to talk about the epidural. (1) he is a Clemson fan so that's not encouraging but (2) he brings drugs that are good... I'm so torn! BA seems not to care about the Clemson thing, so I guess that's all that matters. Also, there's this thing in the restroom called "the hat". I guess the mom is supposed to pee in it, which is super weird. But then I figured it'd be kinda cool to know how much pee I pee, so I peed in it too. BA said it's cool as long as my pee didn't touch her pee. So also, I'm mostly full of hooey but I bring the comic relief so deal with it.

0901: for you kids keeping score, the pitosin is at 4. Also, BA is at a 6 on the pain scale. Something like this emoji: 😟

0907: nurse just arrived with alka seltzer and Zantac, neither of which are necessary. She also did not bring the vodka cranberry we requested. Rude.

~pause in updates until they become relevant to the general population~

1047: BA has asked for an epidural, for which she is so patiently waiting. Pain is measurably worse and pitosin is still set at 6.

1108: pain scale 😪 Epidural is on the way, hallelujah.

1143: Epidural is done. (yayyyyyyyy...) Deep breaths, childbirth is SO not for wimps.

1225: We're at 10cm! Holy schnikes! Room is being set up for delivery! It's go time!! Davidson, party of  five (almost).

1444: No news to give. Everything's ok here.

1600: Sweet baby boy is here!!! He came into the world with a strong set of pipes and is resting on mama's chest. BA is doing great and is already smitten, as is Scott. Stats to come soon, but Team Davidson doing great!


C Anne said...

Brooke, if you are reading this, tell Betty Anne that Chloe Anne says hi, she will know who your talking about.

C Anne said...

Brooke, if you are reading this, tell Betty Anne that Chloe Anne says hi, she will know who your talking about.

Betty Anne Davidson said...

She says hi! We're just (im)patiently waiting for him to arrive! :)

C Anne said...

Cool! Hope he comes around soon.

Michelle Zevgolis said...

Come on buddy! Quit being a momma's boy and come out!!!

C Anne said...

I agree @MichelleZevgolis

C Anne said...

Hows the baby doing?

Michelle Zevgolis said...

Baby maybe 😬

Bonnie Hankinson said...

We demand an update! (Bonnie H)

C Anne said...


Jen F. said...

Welcome to the world, bebe! Like Wolfpack basketball: late to show us your stripes, comes on strong at the end, but the exhilaration of the big win is worth so the heartache getting there. Congrats!

Michelle Zevgolis said...


Juli Pankow said...

This... is hysterical. Best entry into the world play by play ever!!! Thanks for sharing!!!