Friday, January 30, 2015

A Zoological Conversation

Reese and I went to the zoo today.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, not too chilly (50ish degrees), and also Fridays are free in January and February.  WIN.

Reese's favorite parts were the effuhlants and the 'bingos.  (translation: elephants and flamingos.)

But this was my favorite conversation snippet:

Me:  "Reese!  Let's go see the meerkats!"

Reese:  "Haircuts?"

Me:  "Uhmm...close...MEEEEERKATS."

Reese:  "Key-kats?"  (kitty cats)

Me:  "Meeeeeeeeerkats."

(upon arrival at the exhibit, three meerkats go scurrying by us close to the glass where Reese can see them easily.)

Reese, pointing to the meerkats:  "PUPPEEEEE!"


Good times, good times.  We'll keep working on our animal identification.