Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baby #3 News!

We found out today what we're having!  Baby Davidson #3 is a BOY! We're thrilled.  Scott was about 50/50 on what he was hoping for.  I was about 52/48 leaning towards boy. James was hoping for a brother. When we showed Reese the ultrasound pictures, she asked if it was Nestle (our cat).  We'll work on our species identification skills with her later...

Truth be told, I was ridiculously nervous about this ultrasound appointment.  As a NICU nurse, I can think of a thousand bizarre, unlikely, although possible abnormalities for my baby to have.  The ultrasound tech was kind and gracious and talked me through each piece and part as she did the anatomy scan.

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord, he looks completely healthy!

Shaking his tiny, ineffectual fists at the world.

Waving hello!

We look forward to meeting the newest Davidson in December!