Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moving Is My Favorite

Scott is home.  YAAAAAY!!  Our trial separation* is done.

*What I called the period of time he was already in South Carolina working his new job and I was still in North Carolina working my old job and wrangling kids, with much much help from my parents.

Tomorrow we will eat some turkey and hang out with some family and pack some more boxes.  Friday we will move to Columbia, SC.  Saturday, I guess, we'll begin living happily ever after there.

I'm not sounding all that enthusiastic at the moment, but believe me, it's because enthusiasm requires energy and I ain't got none.  I've been doing a great job of getting things packed up and ready to roll for Friday.  So now, at 8:30pm, I am completely and utterly spent.  It's shocking, I know.  How could I be tired when I have such GREAT, GREAT helpers?!

There's James the box-packer.

And Reese the furniture-mover.

And sometimes they work together to drive cars on top of boxes, which is really helpful, as you might imagine.

We bought our first house on Monday.  That'll be another post for another day, but for now know that we are so excited about it.  I'm excited to have a yard to play in and a garage to park in.  And a new king size bed to sleep in.  Yay!

This season is full of change for our family.  Changing jobs, cities, states.

Change is...





Depending on the time of day determines which of these emotions I'm feeling.  As I mentioned before, 8:30pm = the exhausting part of the day.

More pictures and stories to come as we transition.  Thanks for sticking with me through this!

 To infinity and beyond!  

(yes, we've been watching a lot of Toy Story while momma packs)

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Anne Acuff said...

Most awesome!!!! I especially love the one of Reesey moving the dresser. I knew all those pear and spinach pouches would kick in!!