Sunday, November 3, 2013


When I worked at Biogen Idec, there was term tossed around frequently called "bandwidth".  Maybe this is a super common corporate term, I dunno.  Used in a sentence:

"Are you sure you have time to add this project to what you're already doing?  Do you have enough bandwidth for that?"

A dictionary definition of the term:  the energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.

Currently, I feel like I don't have enough bandwidth.  


  • working two days/week
  • parenting 24/7 sans Scott since he's already in Columbia (albeit with a TON of help from my parents and friends!)
  • packing a box or two here and there for move at the end of the month
  • managing realtor/mortgage/maintenance/inspection people for our new house
  • searching/applying for a new job
  • squeezing in quality time with people I'm moving away from

These are the main things filling up my brainz on a day to day basis.  How do I know I need MOAR bandwidth?  Because the other day, while at a friend's house, we both had large drinks from fast food places.  I labeled my drink with my initials so we wouldn't get them mixed up.  Two seconds later, I drank out of her drink.

I drove to Columbia last Tuesday for an in-person interview.  While I was there, I met my realtor to walk through our house again.  I really wanted to take some pictures of it while I was there.  When I drove up to the house, I thought I had forgotten to bring my ipad (what I was going to use to take pictures).  I was totally bummed.  Fast forward to later that evening, after I was back in Raleigh, I realized my ipad was in the back seat of my car. I HAD remembered to bring it with me after all.

Left my kids with a friend so I could run a couple of errands solo.  Had left my wallet at home.  Added "go home, get wallet" to the list of errands that day.


So if you are out shopping and you happen to see BANDWIDTHS on sale?  Please, please, please pick me up a couple.  I need them.  Badly. 

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