Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Levity

The day after putting one's pet to sleep, it is important to look for some humor in the situation.  Here's what I found, upon closer inspection of my experience yesterday.  I've included some random pictures of Otto during the happy years.

1)  While I was trying to make my decision final, Dr. Bailey asked my dad what his two cents on the matter were.  The retired Air Force Colonel eloquently said, "I don't like cats.  I would have shot him five years ago."  I laughed in the moment at this one.  That is so my dad. :)

2)  Just after the actual putting-to-sleep was done, I was petting Otto, as was Dr. Bailey.  Apparently both of our hands put a wee bit too much pressure on his chest, causing what air was left in his lungs to evacuate, making a slight whining/exhaling sound as it did so.  If I had been a cat, I would have jumped simultaneously upwards and backwards about ten feet.  But now, looking back on the experience, it was very Princess Bride-esque.  Maybe Otto was just saying "To blaaaaave", which we all know means to bluff!  (It's important for you to be very familiar with The Princess Bride to understand the humor here...)

3)  Saving the best for last...I stopped by to pick up my mail on the way home from the vet's office yesterday.  In the mail was a shoe box sized package for Reese for her birthday.  When I walked in the house holding that box, my mom eyeballed the box and immediately, gently asked "Is that him?!"  Meaning, is that Otto's poor little deceased body in the box.  I busted out laughing.  She was trying to be so sensitive to the situation, but looked horrified that there might be a dead cat in that box.  I told her "Yep, they just fricasseed him up right there in the office and gave him back.  Like a drive-thru."  And then I put the box on her kitchen counter.

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