Sunday, September 4, 2011



There is much improvement in this department in the Davidson least over the course of the past three nights.  Three nights makes a TREND, right??  Three nights ago:  James ate between 7-8pm and woke up around 2:30am.  I went in, changed a diaper, but him in his bouncy seat with his pacifier, and left the room. I hoped and prayed he would go back to sleep.  If he was starving, this trick wouldn't work.  Apparently he wasn't all that hungry because he went back to sleep and slept until around 5am.  Woohoo!! Two nights ago:  Same story.  Ate between 7-8pm, slept until 12:30am.  Diaper changed, moved to bouncy seat with pacifier, went back to sleep until 5am.  Last night---this is where it gets good---he ate at the normal evening time and then slept until 5am!!  No diaper change or bouncy seat or pacifier required!  I'd like to say that I slept that whole time, too, but I didn't.  I went to bed about 9:30pm and then woke up at 4am in an absolute panic because I hadn't heard him all night long.  I tip-toed into his room and put my hand on his chest to feel him breathing.  He was sound asleep, sucking on his thumb.

I do believe his new-found love of sucking his thumb may be the key to him sleeping through the night.  We shall see...  For now, though, I'm so well rested today I don't know WHAT to do!  I haven't slept 6.5 consecutive hours since long before James was born.  Sleep most definitely is not overrated. :)  You people have just been saying that to me to make me feel better about missing out!

Belly Button:

I give you James' new and improved belly button!

Hopefully it is all healed up now.  There's no more oozing or weirdness to it, just a small pinkish part where it is finishing healing (she said hopefully).  

So, you know what that means...


He doesn't look very thrilled with bath time here, but believe me, he loved it.  I'm going to have to master the art of giving him a bath in the tub versus on the counter top.  It's so much trickier in the tub!  Just getting him out of the tub into a dry towel is a test of coordination.  He's so slippery!  Or "slickery", as one of my nieces used to say.


As expected, things are slowly improving on the work-front.  Scott and I are getting into more of a routine on mornings that we both work.  I have taken a couple of days off to help get our feet under us.  We're getting there.  If James really does start sleeping through the night, the quality of our lives will improve drastically. :)  Figuring how and when to pump at work is still tricky.  Some days it's no problem.  Other days are extremely busy and it's difficult to find 15 minutes to leave the unit.  I'm not sure that will get better with time.  I will have to find time to pump when I can!  So far James doesn't seem to mind going back and forth between bottles and nursing.  I'm really glad about that.  Before I went back to work, I thought if he gave up nursing and preferred bottles, I would just pump and bottle feed him for a while.  Now that I realize what a PITA it is to pump and bottle feed and wash pump parts and bottle parts, my story is changing.  We would switch to formula pretty quick-like if he stopped nursing.  I don't know how women pump and bottle feed for months and months.  Kudos to you ladies.  That is a challenging task, to say the least.  

I have enjoyed NOT being pregnant at work.  As you can see from this picture, my belly was LARGE.  It got in the way a lot.  If I dropped something on the floor, I could hardly reach it (and breathe) to pick it up.  I could only get so close to the isolettes, where the majority of our babies are.  Now I can reach behind the isolettes, pick up stuff off of the floor, walk quickly without waddling and all sorts of other fun things!

These are all the updates I can think of at the moment.  Is there a category I missed?


Andrea said...

congrats on sleep! We are still in the fog but I know it will come. He is adorable!

Brandi said...

Ack, I go away for a week and when I come back, James has no hair! He's perfectly adorable with that little thumb in his mouth and that bald (appearing) head. I sucked my index finger instead of my thumb for some odd reason, but I don't encourage that because it took me until I was, like, eight to get me to stop!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Perhaps the good night's sleep accounts for the energy to clean the bathroom!!! Yay!!! LOVE the bath picture...Brandi's right, he sure looks bald there!!! Button is oh so beautiful!!!