Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Tales and Tails

Once upon a time there were two kiddens named Otto The Orange and Nestle The Stupid.

One day, Otto The Orange was crunching the numbers and he discovered that if he and Nestle The Stupid didn't do something quick,

they'd be forced to live in a box.

When living in boxes, the food supply is not quite as abundant.

Vacations and travel are non-existent.

Nestle The Stupid suggested she could take up a less than honorable  career as a lady of the night to earn a few bucks.

After all, she did possess some bedroom skills (sleeping).

Otto The Orange texted a few of his sketchy contacts, but came up with no "clients" for Nestle The Stupid.

He opted instead for the superhero route.  Surely superheroes get paid well, right?

He rescued damsels in distress.

With his superhero-brains, he learned to turn energy he soaked up from the sun into a marketable product.

Although time consuming, it was a profitable business.

Otto The Orange earned a LOT of money.  He and Nestle The Stupid lived like Kings.

And Queens.

And most importantly, they lived happily ever after.

The End.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

What a HOOT!!!!
Maybe you should do a children's book!!! Is perfect just the way you wrote it...or, may have to change Nestle's chosen profession...maintaining room temperature IQ might work for her!!

Lisa said...

Betty Anne-you have an immense talent for writing, I'm with Little Miss Sunshine........girl, you need to be writing for $$$$!!!!