Saturday, September 10, 2011

3 Months!

-Time has FLOWN by.  Everyone said it would.  They didn't lie.  3 months old already.  Wow.

Self portraits always turn out so well...

-James is cuter than ever.  Still holding on to those blue eyes!

-He is sleeping through the night most nights*.  If he doesn't sleep straight through, he wakes up once and cries and then goes back to sleep without any assistance.  Words cannot express how ecstatic I am about this. (*n=10 days, perhaps not statistically significant, but it matters to ME)
-He's experimenting a lot with sounds.  At various times he sounds like an owl "hooo...hooo...hooo" or sometimes a pterodactyl (think high pitched squeals).  Just for fun, I think you should pronounce "pterodactyl" like this: puh-terr-oh-DACK-tull.  Go ahead.  Say it out loud.  Right now.  Good job!! *patpat
-James really enjoys being on his play mat and batting at the dangling toys above him.  He spends a lot of time there because it makes him so happy!  I'm sure this is contributing to the flatness of his head, but whatever. A happy, flat-headed baby...that's what we'll have.

-For now, James is still breastfeeding or bottle feeding my milk when I'm at work.  I wondered how he would do when I went back to work, but so far, so good.  He doesn't seem to mind going back and forth between bottles and nursing.  We're taking this week by week as far as how long I'll continue nursing him...
-I am in the middle of switching out his clothes from the 0-3 months size to 3-6 months.  Most of the 0-3 months stuff is too short.  The onesies still fit width-wise, but he's too long for them.
-Daycare:  Having my mom watching him when I'm at work is going well.  At least I think so.  Maybe we should ask her??  We are very fortunate that she's willing to do this for us! 
-Weight loss:  I've lost most of my "baby" weight.  However, the "Betty Anne" weight that is left is...different.  Squishier.  Saggier.  That's fun.  
-My hair is falling out!  A lot.  I know it's normal.  It happened last time, too.  And this article says its fine.  We all know the internet NEVER lies.  But's kinda weird and a lot annoying to always have several hairs on my shirt, on James, on my pillow, etc.  James has been experiencing some hair loss as well.  But we've already talked about that.
-Scott and I are adjusting to the working life.  We're still tweaking my hours at work to figure out what works best for us.  I haven't officially cut back hours, but I have been volunteering to stay home pretty frequently, on days when we're overstaffed (called "flexing" at my job).
-Now that we've added work back into the mix and almost have a routine down for that, we're going to add another huge time commitment:  FOOTBALL.  Yes, folks, 'tis that time of year again.  The time of year when Saturdays (college games), Sundays and Mondays (NFL games) and some Thursdays and Fridays (misc. games) are consumed by the viewing of enormous amounts of football.  Go Gamecocks!  Go Wolfpack! Go Dolphins!  Go every-person-on-Scott's-two-fantasy-football-teams!

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Little Miss Sunshine said...

Okay, I think you should give Scott an equal time column or article....that man does so many things right, and incredibly well, and with a good attitude that I don't believe football should be an issue...cut the man some slack!!!!
The 3 month pictures are AWESOME!!! Self portraits always mean you have one arm missing in the picture!!! A dead give away!!