Friday, February 5, 2016

Riverbanks Zoo with Reese

Today Reese and I went to Riverbanks Zoo.  Usually in January/February each year they do free Fridays for Richland County residents.  Woohoo!  I like free.  It was a little chilly (45ish)  but manageable.  Reese could hardly contain her excitement over all the "an-mulls!"

We hadn't seen the new river otters exhibit.  They are lots of fun to watch!

The "fuhmingos" are one of Reese's faves.

Pretty certain this crocodile wanted to CHEW HER.

This giraffe was offended at my cheap-ness.  I wouldn't pay the $1-$2 for her to feed him.  Reese was also offended.

The absolute best part of our zoo visit was at this exhibit.  Notice the puff adder snake wishing so badly that he could have a turtle snack. I was standing there reading the information posted about this creepy snake.  I guess it was mostly under my breath, but I was sort of reading out loud.  Reese was flitting all around the room looking at various creatures.  She bounced over to me, heard me mumble-reading and said "Oh, you pray wiss him?" and scurried on her way so as not to interrupt.  I just about died laughing.  


I've not yet reached the level in my spiritual walk where I'd be inclined to do such a thing.  Actually, I hope I never do.

Oh Reese, never a dull moment...


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