Friday, January 30, 2015

A Zoological Conversation

Reese and I went to the zoo today.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, not too chilly (50ish degrees), and also Fridays are free in January and February.  WIN.

Reese's favorite parts were the effuhlants and the 'bingos.  (translation: elephants and flamingos.)

But this was my favorite conversation snippet:

Me:  "Reese!  Let's go see the meerkats!"

Reese:  "Haircuts?"

Me:  "Uhmm...close...MEEEEERKATS."

Reese:  "Key-kats?"  (kitty cats)

Me:  "Meeeeeeeeerkats."

(upon arrival at the exhibit, three meerkats go scurrying by us close to the glass where Reese can see them easily.)

Reese, pointing to the meerkats:  "PUPPEEEEE!"


Good times, good times.  We'll keep working on our animal identification.


Brooke said...

Meerkats are my FAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE. (Pumbaa, not in front of the kids! Hmph, sorry.)

Anne Acuff said...

Yep, it'w hard to relate with her when reading farm animal books…only one she is absolutely certain about is the cow….moooooo!