Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lake Gaston

I had the amazing opportunity to chaperone hang out with two great people this weekend, Jason and Brooke.  Brooke's parents have an incredible lake house on Lake Gaston.  We headed up I-95 on Friday afternoon and arrived ready to get our relax on.  Scott, bless his heart, had a church commitment that required he stay home.  Conveniently (for me), the kids opted to stay with him. ;)  THANK YOU SCOTT FOR THIS TIME AWAY!!!  And thanks to my parents for pinch-hitting for Scott on Sunday. And thanks to Brooke for the invite here.  And thanks to Brooke's parents for providing this retreat from reality locale.  And thanks to Jason for dating Brooke.  Okay, okay, enough with the gratitudes...

The house was just plain awesome.  I want one.

We didn't hang out here.  Tooooooo cold.

We did spend a great deal of time here.  Yummmm.

Also didn't spend much time here.  I value my non-frost-bitten toes.

I slept here.  Incredibly spacious bed, complete with stairs to hike up into it! Brooke's Papa made that bed.

Some of us bathed in the sink...

This is where we ate meals, played a lot of games and put Jason in time out.  (Papa made that fantastic table.  He is a gifted man.)

We watched some movies in this room, quite comfortably.  (Jason still in time out.)

Brooke crocheted some.  Aden (the dawg) cuddled for warmth.  Jason hung out.

We all spent a little time here.  Did I mention how awesome this place is?

We are having a great, great time.  More to come, but I'm busy peace out for now.


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