Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Happy When...

  1. I get to go to sleep when I'm tired and sleep until I wake up on my own.
  2. I get to leave town for a few days.
  3. I get to see my family after being away for a few days.
  4. I'm petting a purring cat. A kitten is preferable, but a cat will do.
  5. It's cold and I'm drinking hot chocolate.
  6. It's warm and I'm at the beach, under a huge tent, just watching the waves crash.
  7. My kids figure something out on their own and grin ear to ear with pride in their accomplishment.
  8. You ask me to tell you a funny story about my kids.
  9. The agenda is small and time is plenty.
  10. I get to help a momma hold her baby for the first time.
  11. I connect people to each other that have things in common.
  12. I'm done working out.  (back when I used to work out)
  13. I'm looking at kitten pictures or videos.
  14. Scott cooks dinner. (that happens a lot)
  15. Dave Ramsey responds to my tweets.
  16. I get to spend time with all 3 of my siblings at the same time.
  17. I'm eating almost anything my mom makes.
  18. Lots of Acuffs get together and I get to be there.
  19. I spend quality time with a dear friend, usually talking.
  20. Bills are less than I expected them to be.
  21. I observe a random act of kindness by a stranger.
  22. A stranger shows me gratitude.
  23. Someone gives me the benefit of the doubt.
  24. I'm laughing.
  25. My son wants a hug.
  26. My daughter lays her head on my chest while sucking her thumb.
  27. My firstborn calls me on the phone.
  28. I win a game of Cities and Knights.
  29. I win any game at all.
  30. I'm on a date with Scott.
  31. I watch a movie that happens to be just what I was in the mood for at the time.
  32. My mailbox contains a personal piece of mail.
  33. I figure out the challenging harmony in a song.
  34. You ask me about my thoughts on adoption.
  35. A friend risks being vulnerable with me.
  36. I hear a new-to-me old story about my grandparents.
  37. I get to watch my children with either set of their grandparents.
  38. I'm skiing.
  39. I'm looking at pictures of trips I've been on.
  40. All the laundry is clean, folded and put away in my house. (a rarity)
  41. You comment on my blog posts. :)
  42. Listening to really well done acapella music with strong bass voices.
What about YOU??

1 comment:

julia s said...

Just to make you happy, I'm leaving a comment! Especially since it is unlikely that you will get a personal piece of mail from me. :(
I love your list! It is inspiring to find happiness in some of the little things. Ruby just ran down the stairs all happy to see me -- that's happiness!

Love, Julie