Monday, November 5, 2012

40 weeks

This is me.  Today. 40 + 1 weeks pregnant.

I was at the park with James and some friends.  I could barely keep up with James.  Don't misunderstand that statement.  He's not very fast.  I'm just THAT slow.  My friend helped him down the slide multiple times while I sat on a bench.  That's a good friend. :)

I never really imagined going PAST my due date with this pregnancy.  Third baby.  Previous two born ON their due dates.  I didn't really even give it a second thought.  I hoped she would be a November baby, not October.  

Well folks,

November it is.  

Her due date came and went (November 4th).  

Still no baby. 

I don't know what to do with myself.  I've never been this pregnant before in my life.  I'm vacuuming every other day.  Doing ten items of clothing in the laundry every other day, because that's all that has accumulated in 48 hours.  Running the dishwasher (you guessed it) every other day.  Yesterday I was very emotional (ask my sister, who witnessed me blubbering on about it).  I just want to be DONE being pregnant!  Today I'm less emotional about it.  But I'm still all done all done.  

Pregnant women go past their due dates all the time.  Some go WAY past.  More power to them.  I didn't wish to join those ranks.  Every day Scott leaves for work he tells me "Call me anytime! Anytime.  Anytime at all."  I hear ya, Scott, I hear ya.  I want so badly to make that phone call and say "It's go time."  But...we wait.

I worked what I hope was my last shift last week.  But the longer this baby stays cooking, the more pressure I feel to pick up more shifts at work.  Who starts maternity leave without a baby?!  

Also, the longer she cooks, THE BIGGER SHE GETS.  This is a concern for me and my lady parts...

Our families, our friends, everybody is on-call right now.  I have a few contractions here and there that I can feel, but they aren't painful and they haven't rallied in any particularly productive direction as of yet.  According to the OB, I'm 2 cm dilated.  Hooray.  Only 8 more to go.  

Hopefully she'll be here by Christmas...

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