Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Response

What do I think about Obama being re-elected? How do I feel that the candidate I voted for (Romney), didn't win the nebulous electoral vote, but did win the popular vote (well, in North Carolina anyway...)?

I'll tell you what I think:


That's what I think.

Although this fact has little bearing on politics, national or local, it has a WHOLE lot of impact on me, every second of every day.  Particularly the seconds that involve attempting to get out of a chair, getting winded changing my son's diaper, or, you know, any movement at all.

So there ya have it.  That's my political response today.

note:  At my OB appointment yesterday, we scheduled me to be induced Monday, November 12th.  Please, please, please baby come out before then...

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Mama said...

I'm hoping you get to meet your little one soon and that you will finally get "relief" from your pregnancy symptoms. I hope she comes before it's time to post our interviews so that I can add her into your list of children during your introduction!