Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pathology Report

Hopefully this will be my last posting about the James-tongue-thingy-saga.

I was waiting to post this update until I had the pathology report in my hot little hands.  Here is what the report said:

"Diagnosis:  Tongue, base, biopsy - Polypoid segment of squamous mucosa with focal surface ulceration and granulation tissue formation with severe acute and chronic inflammation.  A granulation tissue polyp is favored with associated surface ulceration and marked acute and chronic inflammation.  No evidence of definite vascular neoplasm is identified.  There is no evidence of lingual tonsil, mucocele, or thryoglossal duct remnant."

Despite being a health care professional, reading the above paragraph was like reading Greek.  I was grateful for the surgeon's interpretation of the medical mumbo jumbo.  What she said was that at some point, something irritated that spot on James' tongue and triggered an inflammatory response in his immune system, resulting in this tongue mass.  What we don't know (and may never know) is what irritated his tongue?  Why did his immune system respond the way it did? wait...when he scrapes his knee, is he going to grow a bizarre polyp-thing there too?

So there we have it.  Although this report doesn't answer all our questions, it does clarify that the growth wasn't cancerous (neoplasm).  That was very, very good news.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!  We are grateful to have this behind us.  James is doing very well.  Eating, drinking, playing normally*.

*'Normally' is a relative term.  16 month olds are CRAZY.

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There.  Now you're caught up!


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Brandi said...

I'm so glad James' throat was given the all-clear!
That explains a lot about my nodule/cyst I've had on the side of my knee for at least 15 years. I always thought it was a bug bite that just hardened into a cyst. Either that or some other scrape. I'm pretty sure if I got it biopsied, there'd be no evidence of lingual tonsil, mucocele, or thryoglossal duct remnant either. ;-)