Friday, November 4, 2011

Help Me Name My Blog

So...I'm sort of creative. Sort of. But not REALLY creative, like some of you are! So help me name my blog! "Betty Anne & Scott" served it's name-purpose for a season, but now I'm ready to move on.  Not from Scott, mind you.  We're still a thing. :)

Here's what you need to know to make suggestions:

1) My name is Betty Anne Davidson. Perhaps a word play on my initials or name such as these folks:  Her last name is Ivey.  Her first name is Elaine.  Her last name is Lieb.  I thought this one was particularly creative!

2)  I blog about my experiences as a birthmother, a i-gave-birth-to-this-kid-and-am-raising-him mother, and life in general.  So my blog name could be something mom-related:

Oh....did I mention that I'm giving away a $25 Target Gift Card to the best blog name idea suggested??!  So please, suggest away!


Anonymous said...

maybe play up that you're initials are BAD. Something like: or - Alaina

Anonymous said... :)Megan

Jen F. said... I agree with the BAD direction - it's cool to have initials that make a word!

I would advise against naming your blog for your current child - I'm afraid "Adventures of Torquil, CheezeDoodle, and Yes-we-are-crazy-and-having-a-third" will be a bit unwieldy to type...

Jen F. said...

NOT that I'm having a third! Just sayin' that if we decide to go that way...

NCarlalina said...

When does the contest end? I'm still thinking! - Carla

Brandi said...

Phew, Jen, way to break the news and then unbreak it! You had me for a second!
BA, My suggestions are (and yes, I know case doesn't matter in a URL, nor did I check for actual domain name availabilty):
-BADthoughts or BADwriting

I'd keep it relatively short, but most people just bookmark it anyway, I'd wager.


Betty Anne Davidson said...

Good ideas!!! Keep 'em coming!

I also thought Jen was announcing she was pregnant. Thanks for clarifying!

Jen said...

Breathing life into the world !

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Thebaadblog (or baadblogger); except when you use the BAD or BAAD I think it's going to be stuff I don't want to see or hear....I wouldn't have gone there if I didn't know you personally.

Little Miss Sunshine said...


NCarlalina said...


Rebekkah said...





Megan said...


Julie said...


Julie said...

even though it's your maiden name...

Julie said...

Because many of your posts give that warning.

Julie said...'s late. And no, that's not a title suggestion. Just conversation. :) good luck ba naming your blog. Persoanlly, i think blogs are harder to name than children!

Julie said...

Ok.. one more and I'm off to bed.

You get the idea.

julia s said...

When is this contest over, anyway?!!

If I got to vote - and how will you choose? - I'd pick Julie's "off the Acuff". Great one!

My suggestion is: life trifecta (husband, son, daughter), but probably not too good if it needs an explanation!

Jenna King said...

How about