Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quitting Zoloft

Last July, I wrote here about feeling blah and starting the medication Zoloft.  Then I wrote about how it helped me out.

Well, now I'm writing about how I quit.

I quit taking Zoloft a few weeks ago.

I had been warned to taper off of it slowly.  Apparently quitting cold turkey can make one feel horrible.  So taper I did.  I was routinely taking 25 mg (half a pill) every day.  For about two weeks I took 25 mg every other day.  For another two weeks, I took 25 mg twice a week.  And then I kept forgetting to take it, so I quit.

Originally I wanted to taper off in November, after Reese turned one.  But then we moved that month and I didn't think moving to a new state was the best time to rock the boat with altering my medication.  I waited until mid-January to start weaning down my dose.

So far so good!  I feel...good.  Like myself.  I'm trying to be ridiculously self-aware these days to make sure I'm not slipping off the edge of a depression cliff.  If you know me in real life, feel free to provide me feedback with your observations!!  Wow...that's a dangerous statement.  Don't all ten of you that know me and read this blog provide feedback at once.  Might be overwhelming... ;)

A wise, helpful family member pointed me in the direction of this self-assessment tool.  My plan is to take this quiz every few weeks to see how I'm doing.  So far, according to that quiz, I'm a HAPPINESS FREAKIN ROCK STAR.  That feels encouraging.  Obviously every day isn't like that, but that's okay.  My "average" is a lot higher than it used to be, for which I am grateful.

I'm interested in other people again.  I have a lot more energy day to day.  I don't dread time with my kids.  (I think) I'm handling this job transition more healthily than I would have six months ago.  Some days, even when I don't work, I STILL shower.  Wow.  If that's not a positive indication, I don't know what is.

So there ya have it.  I felt sad.  I feel better.

How about you?  Have you ever taken antidepressants?  Or anti-anxiety meds?  For how long?  How did it go if/when you tried to stop taking them?

Thanks for reading and helping an extrovert like myself to not feel alone!

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Bennyrn12 said...

I took Zoloft for the first time after I developed severe postpartum depression after my first. With each pregnancy since I have started Zoloft/Prozac about 20-24 weeks in and stayed on for about 6 months. My youngest is now 16 mo old and I have been off for a year but I'm thinking of going back on. Being laid off the beginning of the year, money worries and more are slow starting to get to me and I'm starting to see the signs again. I think like any medication antidepressants are a great tool but only when they are needed, good for you for weaning off!