Friday, March 7, 2014

I Almost Died

Today I spent some time in Charlotte with my dear friend Amy and her family.  It was such a great visit!

And then, on the way home, an 18 wheeler blew a tire.  The traffic around the tractor trailer swerved to avoid debris.  "Scattering traffic" is a really bad idea at 70 mph.  I careened into the median (wet mushy grass, no guard rails) to avoid hitting cars in front of me.

I was fish-tailing, turning into the skid each time like I was playing some kind of crazy driving video game.  There was an SUV in front of me pulling a trailer that was doing the same. How that small trailer didn't jack-knife during the skidding, I'll never know.

Here's what I know:

-My kids were in the car with me.
-I was positive we were going to hit another car or someone was going to hit us.  It was just a matter of who and how fast.
-I held my breath during the intensity of this.
-I hyperventilated afterwards, fogging up my windshield.
-I also teared up and prayed out loud thanking God for our safety.
-I didn't see anyone hit anyone during this event.  That was miraculous considering how it all went down.
-I didn't get a flat tire, or to my knowledge, any car damage even after barreling through (at a high rate of speed initially) the mushy median grass containing all kinds of road side garbage.

After I merged back into the left lane of traffic, knuckles white on the steering wheel, James piped up from his car seat, squealing with excitement, "Ohhhh drivin'!!"  I said shakily, "Yeah, buddy, momma's drivin."

And then I cried.

To quote some former coworkers, "That tore my nerves UP!" When I pried my fingers off of the steering wheel and held up my hand, it was visibly shaking.

I'm so thankful to be home safe and sound!  May your travels be safe and uneventful!

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Sunshine's Bags said...

Praise God you are safe!