Friday, January 11, 2013

You Might Be A Toddler If...

1)  You have to use your hands to stuff food BACK into your mouth that keeps falling out because you take waaay too big bites.

2)  If you can't get something to work the way you think it should, WHEN you think it should, you believe flopping around on the ground in frustration and anguish is an acceptable alternative.

3)  You employ the aforementioned flop around method of display of emotion frequently enough to know where the softest spots of the floor are located.

4)  You like your grandparents way more than you like your parents.

Walking with Poopah

5)  You think "cleaning up" involves placing one toy in the toy box followed promptly by taking twelve toys out of the box.

6)  For you, like a guilty-as-charged DUI perpetrator, walking in a straight line is nigh impossible.

7)  You think chasing the cat with the poopie dangling out of her butt around the house is the GREATEST.GAME.EVER.


8)  You and the above-mentioned danglepoopiecat assign the same entertainment value to !BUBBLES!

9)  Sticking your finger in your nose is an acceptable response to a stranger saying hello in public.

And finally...

10)  While in the bathtub, you suck in your buddha belly so you can have an unencumbered view of yourself peeing.


Jen F. said...

Yes! Every single one.

Brandi said...

No!! James does no wrong! ;-)