Monday, January 24, 2011

Wheel continued...

Let's recap where we are in the story:

Peter enjoyed the check-in process!

More artisticness, thanks to Nikki and Peter.

Looks like our hotel room overlooks Heaven itself with that glow...

Lunch after we got checked in.  YUM.  Peter, look at the camera.

There ya are, Peter.  Now look at the camera and SMILE. :)

Nikki got a little star struck.  Smoochie smoochie!

View from our hotel room.  Not exactly Heaven.  Just Vegas. 

Cool monorail that we never tried out.

Bruce and Gail treated us to a lovely Maggiano's dinner.

We had a lovely view from dinner.

Peter and Nikki, as you can tell, were a blast to be with. :)

Sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...

Also, it was 1.5 million degrees out.

If I ever go back to Vegas, I want to stay there.

The smoky haze in front of Treasure Island was from the pirate ship cannons.

This was super fun to see while we were out and about.

Attempt #1 at a picturesque scene...

Attempt #2.  Stop talking, Betty Anne.

Attempt #3.

Ah...finally. A decent picture. :)

Inside the Wynn.

Outside the Wynn.  Where I was tempted to buy a car...

Scott at the Wheel of Fortune slots.  Ironic?

Some tubular tunnely thing. 

Bellagio fountain show.  Very cool to watch!

In front of the Bellagio, after the fountain show.

up next... Taping Day!

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