Saturday, November 20, 2010


When my mom was little, she wanted to be a ballerina.  She took years of ballet and dance classes up until her family moved to the country in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Because of that move, her access to classes ceased, right before she got her point shoes.  Is that what you call them?  Toe shoes?  Something like that...  Anyway, when she grew up and had kids, she decided to give Nikki and I the honor and privilege of attempting to be the ballerina she couldn't be.  I don't believe Nikki and I were the most willing subjects.

I give you Ballerina Betty Anne:

Don't I look SOOO excited?!  Yeah, I felt as excited as I looked.
These pictures are from 1983.  I was 5.

What am I even doing in this picture??  Standing around?  THAT'S talent...

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Tony D Scales said...

Looks like you could have been a contender! ;-)