Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Scott and I were talking this evening about this crazy month ahead. "It's just going to be an odd month,"  he described aptly.

  • He has two business trips this month.  Back to back weeks.  He has not traveled with this job before, so we are not old pros at him being gone.
  • Our daughter turns 3.
  • I'm starting a new job.
  • His best friend is getting married.  There will be multiple awesomely fun events during the wedding weekend. No lie, this will be fun. We're excited.
  • We're taking a trip to his parents.
Scott definitely quoted these lines from this movie during our conversation:

I'm one of those people that "gets a full plate easily."  It doesn't take a whole lot for me to feel like there's a lot going on.  This isn't a comparison game, I realize.  I know tons of other people have a significant more amount of stuff and things going on in life this month.  But for me, for our family, this will be a full month.

What recommendations have ye?? Organizational tips?  De-stressing techniques?  Mental exercises to do? (Hint: I like writing...so maybe journal prompts or something like that?)

Sitting here with tight shoulders and a quickening pulse...
*adding chiropractor appointment to the list of to-dos*


Brooke Everhart said...

As the bride in the aforementioned SUPER FUN WEDDING WEEKEND, I'd like to reiterate my previous recommendation that you two crazy kids get a hotel room on the night of the Main Event. I assure you, it will be worth every penny. Also, per Kid President, I am subscribing to the renaming. It shall henceforth be known as Yes-vember.

Mrs Somebody Else said...

I'm feeling you on this. Not sure if you guys practice the Sabbath but trying to find ways to implement intentional Rest and Down time - alone and as a family - is SO key for us! For Will, that looks like a 6 mile walk of prayer and podcasts. For me, that looks like alone time at my favorite coffee shop with a Piper or Keller sermon and a journal. And we try to not have Any commitments outside of our family on that day.
Also- I try to be upfront with will about my threshold and grab space during a busy week - even if it's 15-30 minutes where I get to close our bedroom door and have silence before making dinner or rushing to the next scheduled event. Otherwise I crash and start resenting the schedule etc etc.
also- try to have something To look forward to for yourself. Sometimes my calendar feels like it gets filled with commitments. That can feel daunting - even when they are good things! So maybe one thing to look forward to at the end just for you! A pedicure, solo trip to the movies, or a guaranteed "commitment- free" first weekend in December.
Good luck love. Also- maybe start memorizing the hymn I Need Thee Every Hour ;)

Anonymous said...

It's inconceivable that we can get everything done this month. Of course, that word may not mean what I think it means. - Scott