Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Lesson in Bath-ing Diapered Children

A few helpful lessons I learned (again) during bath time tonight:

  1. Do NOT remove the child's diaper prior to a bath unless you are ready to place said child IN the bath that very second. 
  2. If you remove the diaper, turn to adjust/test the water, and turn back to the child, there will be pee on the floor and bath mat. 
  3. The amount of pee will be a disproportionally large amount when compared to the child's size.  
  4. Due to the large volume of liquid, one may briefly confuse the liquid for bath water, despite no reasonable explanation for how that fluid got OUTSIDE the tub.  
  5. You will get the pleasure of locating clorox wipes in your friend's house (thankfully under the same bathroom sink) and washing a load of towels and bath mats. 
  6. The "fun time" of bath time rises proprotionally to the amount of liquid on the floor.*

That is all.

*note sarcasm

1 comment:

Anne Acuff said...

Sound of running water inspires them!!