Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grandma Is Moving

This past weekend was truly a LABOR (day) weekend.  No, not in the sense of giving birth kind of labor, but more the doing-work kind of labor.  I had the opportunity to help out at my only living grandparent's house, 86 year old Grandma Acuff.  She is preparing to move into a retirement community in a few weeks.  Several of us family members were involved in helping move stuff.

We moved one of my brothers out of her house into his new place.

We moved lots of furniture to grandkids' homes.

We  moved.

We cleaned.

We vacuumed.

We moved some more.

And sometimes, we ate. (probably our favorite part)

Have you ever helped an elderly person move/sort through a house they have lived in for 45 years?  It is not an easy task.  I can't imagine how overwhelming it is for the elderly individual.  Trying to decide what of your stuff you want to keep, what to give away, who to give it to, how to move it, all the while processing through the emotional decision to move into (possibly) your last home ever.  I felt overwhelmed FOR Grandma, and it wasn't even my stuff all these people were moving and going through.

I think it's also a hard process on the non-elderly family members.  There is guilt involved.  Guilt for taking her stuff and making it my stuff.  Guilt for NOT taking her stuff and possibly hurting her feelings because I don't want that trinket or item that she values.  

I'd say it was a mildly successful weekend.  We got accomplished what we needed to with only minor aggravation for all the involved parties.  Grandma and I did butt heads a couple of times.  The problem is that I'm cut straight from the same cloth she is.  When stubborn meets stubborn there is bound to be some friction. :)

I'm so proud of Grandma for making the impossibly tough decision to move.  May this process and major life transition go as smoothly as possible for her.

Be nice to an elderly person today.  You have no idea what tough decisions they may be facing.

Grandma and Reese (~3 months old)

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