Sunday, May 19, 2013

Family Fun

On a perfectly lovely Saturday morning in May, we took the opportunity to visit a local strawberry* farm called Phillips Farm.  The overcast weather kept the temperature perfect and the crowd to a minimum.

It cost $5 per person over 2 years old to get in to the "fun" part of the farm.  (not the strawberry picking labor-intensive part)  Due to their young ages, James and Reese are cheap dates.

James and Scott enjoyed some corn hole...

Why waste all that energy and effort tossing the bean bag when it's easier to just drop it in the hole from point-blank range?

"No Dad, do it like this..."

James also practiced a little football.  I'm no football expert, but we may need to work on his form...

He rode on the "cow train" and seemed to enjoy it.

Lastly, he discovered la piece de resistance (said in best french accent)...


Scott and James spent at LEAST thirty minutes sitting in there playing with the steering wheel and gears and such.  Do you know how long thirty minutes is in toddler-time?  That's like a year and a half...

Thankfully it was drizzling rain by this point and most of the other patrons had already migrated to the picnic shelter areas to take cover.  I say "thankfully" because that meant there were no other little kids waiting their turn to sit in the tractor.  James wouldn't have stood for it.  Just ask the poor kiddos he practically kicked out of the tractor that were in it before him.  (So sorry to your children, Patsy.)

Although not pictured, Reese and I had a grand time as well watching our boys play. 

*No strawberries were harmed during this farm visit.  Due to the rainy weather, we didn't pick any!

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